Digital Detox

People today are more ‘connected’ than in all of history, yet many relationships appear to be compromised, fragmented or even broken. Electronic devices and social networks appear to have created an illusion of connectivity when in fact many struggle to interact with others in meaningful and healthy ways.  Some individuals find their self-concept influenced by whether or not a post or a comment on a social media site is ‘liked’ or not. Some couples report challenges in their relationships due to ‘friendships’ on said sites (i.e. an ex). Some families may be in close proximity to one another, yet light-years away when it comes to knowing what’s on each other’s minds or in each other’s hearts. Many of us today are more ‘disconnected’ from our loved ones than ever.

In an effort to reconnect with loved ones… disconnect from your devices.  Yes, it is difficult and impractical to throw out our devices altogether. Twenty-first century life often requires that we use these tools on a regular basis. These devices are just that, however, tools to be utilized responsibly and for the purposes for which they were created. They are not to become impediments in our lives, but rather instruments to facilitate aspects of our lives. Many today have replaced time with loved ones for time with these devices. Keep in perspective that our devices are tools that have been created for work and pleasure. They do serve a purpose and these purposes can be good. Too much of a good thing, however, can be toxic. Even something as essential as water, if consumed in excess can be toxic for the human body.  These devices are no exception.

It is recommended that individuals turn off their devices an hour or two prior to one’s bedtime. This appears to allow the brain a more optimal time for rest during sleep. Well rested individuals function more effectively and more efficiently throughout the day. Additionally, it is recommended that when in the proximity of others (i.e. at the dinner table) that all devices be put to the side. Often times a typical scene today consists of individuals a few inches or feet from one another, but more closely ‘connected’ to someone miles away. Be more mindful as to how and when you use your devices, you may find yourself and your loved ones saying “Somos Felices”.  

Dr. Roy A. Salgado, Jr.