The "Somos Felices" Project

The “Somos Felices” Project

I fondly recall, my great-aunt read a poem that she had composed for my grandparents in honor of their 60th wedding anniversary. She talked about love and joy. She beautifully painted a picture in which my great-grandfather sat proudly at the head of his dining room table in their home in Honduras.  She describes a bountiful table at which my great-grandfather proudly sat accompanied by his lovely bride, my great-grandmother and all of his children.  My grandmother technically is the eldest sibling of five. She, however, was raised with her cousins as well. All ten of them grew up under the same roof with my great-grandparents as the parents and patriarchs of their great big happy family; ten brothers and sisters growing up with much love and affection.

She went on to say how my great-grandfather would simply sit back at the table and observe his greatest accomplishment, his family. She quoted my great-grandfather as frequently declaring, *“í¿Verdad, que somos felices?!” … to which my great-grandmother would consistently respond back in her unique way; *“Si, somos felices.” The simplicity and elegance of my great-grandfather’s words along with the complexity and intricacies of what it takes to accomplish such a feat left an indelible mark on me his great-grandson.  I never sat at that table, yet I sit at that table and am nurtured by it every day. I never heard him say those words, yet I carry them with me in my heart, mind and spirit every day. I never knew my great-grandfather, yet I am the recipient, beneficiary, heir, and steward of his joy and love every day.  My great-grandfather’s words were spoken nearly a century ago; in another time, in another land, in another language, in another culture; yet his declaration has transcended time, borders, language, and culture.  We his descendants sit around our tables with our families and we share in his sentiment. In our relationships with one another, in our treatment of one another, and in our love for one another we emphatically reply on a regular basis to his declaration, “íSi, somos felices!”  We as heirs to this declaration are entrusted with his legacy of promoting this as a promise to our children. We are stewards of this declaration. May our children’s children come to realize this inheritance and experience their legacy as we experience it; may they too declare “íSi, somos felices! 

*”Isn’t it true that we are happy?!”                                         *… “Yes, we are happy.”


Roy A. Salgado, Jr., Ph.D., LPC-S, LMFT-S, NCC