Individuals who receive clinical mental health services through Crescent City Counseling Center do so with the understanding that they are being provided clinical mental health services by professionals and paraprofessionals who are trained in the art and science of helping individuals to maximize their individual potential for a more meaningful life experience.

Crescent City Counseling Center is comprised of highly trained professionals who work to promote the general welfare of the people of the Greater New Orleans area by building on the individual's strengths and empowering individuals to find solutions to meeting their needs.

Our Approach Is:

  • Positive… building on the strengths of each client
  • Brief and cost-effective…providing feedback and individualized prescriptions for change
  • Practical… teaching healthy ways to communicate, manage emotions, let go of the past, problem-solve, and get along with others
  • Supportive… aiding families in periods of transition, illness, loss, or crisis
  • Preventative… placing value on dealing with difficult issues before they become overwhelming problems
  • Integrative… addressing personal, interpersonal, and spiritual issues that face clients on physical, emotional, intellectual and philosophical levels
  • Community-oriented… working in close cooperation with schools, physicians, social services, and other professionals
  • Research-based… integrating the latest scientific and clinical research into treatment

Who we can help:

Children with symptoms such as depression, disruptive behavior, psychosomatic disorders, poor academic performance, attendance problems, unrealistic fears

Adolescents exhibiting uncontrollable behavior, substance abuse, eating disorders, school related problems, social isolation or relationship problems.

Couples who are withdrawn from one another, experiencing communication, intimacy or sexual problems, verbally or physically abusive, persistently angry, guilt ridden or depressed, or wanting pre-marital assessment.

Families who are having trouble communicating or who are going through difficult transitions such as divorce or separation, remarriage or joining of two families, the loss or illness of a family member.

Individuals who are interested in methods to overcome unwanted behavior patterns, who wish to explore the current impact of past events and relationships, or who are seeking growth and enrichment of their lives.